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Riding and horse care for children at the Wastlhof

Animal lovers can look forward to over 15 lovingly trained horses of various sizes and breeds at the Wastlhof. With or without riding experience, our friendly four-legged friends will prepare you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Riding has a very positive effect on the development of children: it promotes a sense of balance and posture, strengthens breathing and circulation and gives children self-confidence and responsibility. Whether big or small - we have the right offer for all horse-lovers.

Like the cowboys – fun and games with our ponies

Smaller children between the ages of 3 and 6 playfully learn to ride on the ponies at the Wastlhof. The first contact is always made under supervision of our riding instructors. The horses become friends, playmates and sometimes companions for a lifetime. Both on the ground and on horseback children learn valuable lessons. Essential rules are greeting, thanking and saying goodbye to the pony in order to develop mindfulness and appreciation for the horse.


Your riding instructors Reini and Dani with their team

from 3 years: Wastlhof Ponyclub

The focus here is not only on horse riding: Little ones are playfully introduced to the handling of horses and ponies. While helping with grooming the pony, feeding, leading and guided pony rides children learn valuable lessons of dealing with animals and take healthy exercise at the same time.

No riding equipment is required for our pony club: long trousers, sturdy shoes and a helmet (e.g. a bicycle helmet) are sufficient.

from 6 years: Wastlhof riding school

The children are introduced to riding in an age-appropriate manner. The focus is not only on equestrian sport itself, but also on dealing with horses and ponies. Each child is assigned a suitable horse, which they can groom, care for and finally ride during the riding lessons, for example during sitting exercises on the longe.

No experience / previous knowledge is necessary. For riding lessons, please wear long, comfortable trousers and sturdy shoes. Riding helmets and protective vests for children are compulsory

(free of charge upon availability)

Wastlhof riding school for für Kids & Teens

Riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders: group lessons or individual lessons with our experienced riding instructors!

The program is individually tailored to our riding students: Each rider is assigned the right horse depending on their ability. After getting to know and preparing the horse, we go to the riding arena or in our hall for the lesson: Whether sitting exercises on the longe, dressage riding or jumping - in our riding school we offer everything a rider’s heart desires.

For riding lessons, please wear long, comfortable trousers and sturdy shoes. Riding helmets and protective vests for children are compulsory

(free of charge upon availability).

Our star for our little riders - Chicco ....

Chicco has been with us since mid-June, he originally came from the circus so he can do some tricks. He is a dear and loyal friend and takes good care of his little riders. A real stroke of luck for us.


.... and Sally

Sally has been with us forever and she is a fantastic little horse for children and young people. I have never met such a small horse that is as intelligent and as capable as she is. Sally is fabulous in dressage as well as in jumping parcour, The little ones love our white beauty.


Flicka - our grande dame is a proud 28 years old

Good-natured and very sensitive, she has been with us for over 20 years. She radiates such a calm that it also spreads to all riders. Almost all the children who have learned to ride with us have done so on Flicka. She deserves a very special thank you and of course she always receives an extra portion of senior feed and goodies.


Horsecare at the Wastlhof

Horses are gregarious animals and do not like to be left on their own. They have a very subtle way of communicating with each other. As they have no voice, they use their bodies. If we want something from a horse, then, we need to give our command at the exact moment we need it. This is true of both riding and handling. If we understand a horse’s body language, we can not only better communicate what it is we want the animal to do; we also better understand why the horse reacts the way it does.


Every rider should clean his or her horse. Our riding instructors welcome all helping hands. The day starts at 7 am. To make sure our beloved creatures stay healthy, they are cleaned of the dirt that can collect under the saddle and the bridle every day. Cleaning is also a good opportunity to get to know a horse better. So take your time over it.


Hoof care

It takes a bit of practice to groom the hoof of a horse. You stand on the left of the animal with your back toward its head. Then take the hoof pick in your right hand. With your left hand, glide down the back of the horse’s leg and then grip its ankle. If the horse presents its hoof to you, hold it up with your left hand. If it’s too heavy, you can support it on your knee. The hoof pick is now used to remove manure, stones, etc. from the horse’s hoof.


Mucking out

It’s not the most glamorous activity – but it is necessary. How you muck out depends on various factors, e.g. the type of bedding and husbandry. The aim, however, is always the same: a horse is unhappy on dirty bedding, becomes dirty, and may sustain hoof injuries and damage to the airways.


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The Brunner family and team at the Wastlhof.