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Culinary Delights

This special moment when you take your reserved seat at the table – it’s not just about to feed the hungry. It’s the beginning of some unique hours that top the day like the cherry on the cake. We will cordially serve you this comforting and luxurious treatment at the Wastlhof for a lavish breakfast, for delicious homemade cakes and pies, fresh fruit and yummy snacks in the afternoon and, of course, for a delightful dinner at night to top your day.


The Wastlhof Restaurant

Relax and enjoy is the guideline in your restaurant. The one day you want to talk about the adventures of the day with the new friends and neighbours, you make during your stay with us. The other day you look for a remote atmosphere to enjoy the privacy at your table. Your assigned place in our restaurant will give you the opportunity to enjoy both. Our conveniently accessible buffets are designed and arranged in a way, to attract your eyes and to water your mouth – without any hazzle for crossing forks.

It’s our pleasure to treat you with many homemade delicacies – in particular with cakes and pies and tortes created by Granny Margarethe. To provide your palate with extraordinary adventures she picks up new creations every day, some of them made by a secret, traditional family recipe. You won’t be the first to return from your ski trip a quarter-hour early to have more time to enjoy a piece of her magic bake-art.

"Simply the best on your plate"