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Asventure park Drachental

fun and action

A great mix of attractions offers both young and old guests an unforgettable day in our beautiful Wildschönau. From the Wastlhof, the Drachental family experience can be reached in a few minutes by car or with a beautiful walk of about half an hour along the Franziskusweg.


Whether summer or winter:  Games, fun and excitement are guaranteed for the whole family. The landmark of the Dragon Valley is the 10-metre high dragon. The centrepiece of the park is the Dragon Flitzer, the most modern Alpine Coaster in the world.

Alpine Coaster Drachenflitzer

The new Drachenflitzer Alpine Coaster in the Drachental Family Park in Oberau- Wildschönau is one of the most spectacular alpine coasters currently available.

45 red, yellow or blue sledges are ready to go. Passengers are comfortably transported up the approx. 625 m long track in a modern and safe sled, sometimes at heights of up to 5 meters.
From the very top the 1355-meter-long slope descends like a roller coaster. Three high, spectacular loops, numerous curves and bridges are circumnavigated. This model is the most modern, safest and most comfortable coaster currently available on the market. The second generation sledges are equipped with wider, solid plastic backrests and are generally longer and wider than those of the previous model. The deeper seat shell also ensures an optimal seating position for the guests.
The easy to use service brake works like a distance control on the basis of eddy currents and is therefore not subject to wear and tear. A significant advantage over other models on the world market.
The belt lock and the use of lightweight elements on the sled itseld further add to overall safety.
Despite all the assistance systems passengers are encouraged to actively participate in the driving process and to drive with foresight and consideration.
Excitement is guaranteed in any case!

Summer Attractions

In summer the list gets considerably longer with a play pond, adventure playground, bag-jump, motor skills course & climbing boulders, 5D cinema, a Flying Dragon, white water trail, bike trail, cart track and a pump trail, making the Wildschönau Valley an exciting prospect in summer for families from near and far.

Play pond with a few extras:

For the summer months a play pond game will be created. A range of games and activities will be on offer, as well as a relaxation areas. Among other things, rope-guided play rafts, free floating wooden rafts, balancing stones, tree trunks, wobble platforms and a wobbly bridge to a play island will encourage children and young people to train their motor skills.

more to discover:

An adventure playground, a motor skills course with 10 stations of various levels of difficulty, climbing rocks, ball tracks from the centrally positioned 7 m high Dragon, a children's playground, trampolines and a Jump Bag tower at 1m, 3m and 5m heights. Other summer attractions in the park include various mountain bike trails for children as well as a kart track and a tubing track, which can be reached by means of a conveyor lift.

Drachental family park in winter

The Drachental family park also offers plenty of entertainment in winter. The ice skating rink is particularly popular. In addition, the ski area also offers plenty of space to slide down the slope with sledges, bobsleds or other sports equipment.