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Dragon club children's activities

Childcare with adventure character

When parents need a moment to relax, the childcarers from the tourist association look after the kids.

For anyone aged between 5 and 14, the childcare team at the tourist association’s “Drachenclub” provide fun and entertainment, indoors and outdoors, on Mondays to Fridays during the holidays. It’s free to take part.


Dragon club

Program examples

Robinson Crusoe Day

A pleasant hike to the stream. Once there, we build a dam and a hut. Then we collect wood, light a campfire, and grill sausages and marshmallows.  

Panning for gold in the Wildschönauer Ache and a visit to the cheese dairy

A trip on a road train from Oberau to the Schönanger Alm. There, we’ll be panning for “gold” in the Wildschönauer Ache, visitng the cheese dairy, and enjoying a picnic.

Creative pottery and riding

We make pottery in the playroom, which after drying can be coloured with non-toxic paint. In the afternoon, we find out that happiness on earth is best on the back of a horse.

Farming and mini golf

In the morning, it’s all about getting actively involved: when it comes to mini golf, fun is just as important as points. In the afternoon, we pay a visit to the mountain farmers’ museum, where we bake our own bread. And while the bread is in the wood stove, we go off to visit the craft market.

Treasure hunt on the Schatzberg

Long, long ago, the gold source at the Schatzberg mountain was concealed by a large rock.  With a bit of luck, we may find it and discover valuable treasure – although it might be protected by the Wildschönau dragon! We lunch together at the Koglmoos mountain lodge.