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Hiking time in tyrol

Eventful days at the feel-good hotel Der Wastlhof

Make your way  through one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Europe. The High Valley of Wildschönau is at your fingertips – not to say: toetips – for discovery by walking, wandering, hiking. Reducing the speed of life passing by, diving into nature will substantially add to your wellbeing, 

Fill your backpack with some goodies, lace your boots and take your steps out into pure nature. We will open the doors for you, point out places to experience, to discover, to enjoy for you. Because we want to share the beauty and the charme of what we call „home“.


You may take an easy stroll - what we call „Spaziergang“ – beneath the trees of the forest, along a little creek or through the near villages in the valley. You may find your inner hero while hiking up a steep mountain or proofing your strength climbing rough rocks. You may gain motion and energy by doing some Nordic Walking. Or you just walk out into nature for picture taking, picknicking, feeding wild animals or inhaling fresh mountain air. Feel free to choose whatever touches your mind…


Hiking with our host Margit

Margit is not only in charge of the hotel. She’s also a very experienced guide for the alpine world you are visiting. She will lead you to spectacular places, share some cozy hideaways with you and familiarises you with the nature and the mountains of the Wildschönau. Just follow her steps on her regular guided tours for her guests. In addition to that you have the option of free tours with the guides Sonja and Walter twice a week.


Hiking - come closer to nature

Think about those future days, when you will share memories of the days and hours you lived in our mountain world. When you met the little fairy at the banks of a small creek. When you saw the silverish sparkels under rough rocks. When you discovered the secret entrance to Middle-earth hidden in the green moss of the forest. You think that’s all tales and legends? Ask your inner kid while you hike through the fabulous mountain world of the Wildschönau. And you’ll find the truth.

This beautiful area we live in is embedded in the Kitzbühel Alps. All its treasures are next door for you while you stay in the Wastlhof Hotel or Alpin Lodge. It means some small steps for mankind, but incredible big leaps for you.

We suggest that you hop into one of the gondolas on our tramways and reach the tops of the mountains with ease. Just let your eyes wander around and your thoughts will fly. Choose one of our unique high level routes along the mountain crests for moving experiences. We promise you that you will find not only one favorite spot along the more than 300 kilometers of well maintained trails – a wide network to serve all your desires.

Nordic Walking

You have found the perfect beat for moving on? Well, grab your Nordic Walking sticks and step into Austria’s first Nordic Fitness Sports Park in the Wildschönau. You may choose between 7 trails with different degrees of challenge and difficulty. You’re on the best way for combine great nature with great adventure and fresh energy for you.