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Gain space, gain freedom

When life and its burdens come to close, you might feel like running away. Well, that’s on choice. The smarter way leads you into the Tyrolean Alps, where the “Wastlhof” amidst the Wildschönau-Valley provides you with a great amount of space and freedom. Far distant from the daily treadmill you will find a place to put all ballast away and to fill your batteries with fresh energy. Take our hotel and its facilities as our personal refuge, where time is on your side. Settle in the relaxed, informal atmosphere of our home – making it to your home for the days and weeks of your stay. We will welcome you!

Enjoy our unique outdoor pool

Water means pure energy. For us mountaineers that’s an experience shared and enriched over many generations. The high end version of this concept is our stylish outdoor-pool with its eyecatching design in stainless steel. Surrounded by the lavish greens and flowers of our generously planted gardens pool and meadow offer you a unique location to lay back and relax. Count the mountain-tops or discover the hidden characters of the white clouds sailing over the blue mountain sky, take deep breaths of fresh mountain air and listen to the symphony of nature and to our little waterfall: You will love this place as much as we do. And, of course: The pool is heated all year round. For our extended choice you may enjoy our large indoor pool, our saunas and our jacuzzi as well.


Finding quietness and comfort

Our Spa, named „Wastlhof Beauty- und Vitalreich“, is open for your decisions. Whatever you prefer to design your schedule: We are ready for it. Choose from a rich menu of “I want” instead of “I have to”. Go to the heart and the soul of what „wellness” truly means: recreation, vitality, relaxation. Forget “everyday“, pick up on „my day“.


Discover the peace of the moment

The atmosphere of our „Vitalreich” – Kingdom of Vitality – is filled with inspiration. Precious scents and fragrances will let your senses float, essences of comforting aromas will enrich your body and soul. Enjoy a massage, one of our signature bath or a facial treatment to free your body from tensions and ballast.

It’s yours to discover the invitating zones and spots for relaxing and finding quiet moments – we have placed them all over the spot. Take your time to read a book, listen to some music, chat with friends. Every minute will fill you with new power and lasting excitement.

Hot infusions in the Finnish Sauna

Try the classic Finnish Sauna with dry and hot air to sweat, to purge, to harden yourself and to empower your circulation. Follow that by cooling down in our “Ice Grotto” with real ice rocks.

Seductive fragrances in our Aroma-Steam-Bath

We have added precious aroma therapy to the classic Turkish Bath. This helps you perfectly to regenerate after a day of hiking, biking or enjoying other outdoor activities. Many name this the most helpful, healthy heat-treatment with steam – being comfortable, vitalising, cathartic and circulation-friendly.

Catch some warmth in the Infrared Cabin

Take the most gentle step into heat-treatment by let infrared-rays caress your skin and your body. Your muscles will relax and the heta-balance of your body will be led back into good shape.

Discover the Tepidarium

In their thermal baths the ancient Romans enjoyed a chamber full of warmth. The gentle influence of the temperature was most relaxing and extendable without limit. Its effects on the immune system are proven, effects on the circulation non existent.

Let engulf you by the shower

You have the choice of tingling frozen fog, calm comforting steady rain or a vitalising brush following the Kneipp-hydrotherapy. Be sure to catch every drop!

Indulge yourself in the tanning bed

Get a touch of light and energy in our Hightech-Solarium. This will not only enhance your complexion, it will also get you in touch with you sun inside.


Enlivened water "Grander" style

Johann Grander has studied the forces of nature to highest intent. One of the most important discoveries of this Tyrolean naturalist is his method to enlive water, enriching it with virtues found rarely even in nature itself. Throughout our hotel we will provide you with this so called “Granderwasser” to your personal wellbeing.

Enliving means to establish a high resilience in the water, protecting it to external influences. Personal experiences of users include a more distinct savour, a softer touch on the skin, extended preservability through modification of its microbiology. All together are suited to give you additional wellbeing.

More information to be found on www.grander.com/intl-en/international

Beauty- And Vital Brochure

All information about our Spa progran is included in this brochure.

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