Perfect Body - Bandage Body Styling

Healthy tissue and a perfect body shape: During the treatment, you will notice a stimulating and purifying sensation from the body bandages soaked in essential oils. The active ingredients help to stimulate the lymphatic system and breakdown of tissue fluids, alleviate vein problems (spider veins), or achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin (cellulitis) through the effect of cooling and subsequent warming. Problematic areas can also be effectively treated. Choose from a range of treatments – we’ll be happy to advise. For best results, we recommend specific care products to use at home.


1 x Perfect Body 50 minutes | 65 euros

3 x Perfect Body 50 minutes | 165 euros

5 x Perfect Body 50 minutes | 250 euros



For your perfect body treatment

Showering or bathing after traetment

The active ingredients in the soaked body bandages enter the organism through the skin. Their effect lasts beyond the treatment itself. You should therefore – if possible – neither shower nor bathe after the treatment.

Sun , Solarium

Visits to the solarium and brief periods of sunbathing are not a problem before the treatment. Afterwards, they should be avoided for a few hours to prevent any skin irritation.

Water and herbal tea

Taking in adequate fluids is beneficial to the Perfect Body treatment. Before, during, and after the treatment, make sure you drink plenty of water of herbal tea.

TIP: Also available in combination with lymph drainage.

Just ask and we’ll be happy to recommend a personalised package for you.


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