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As intense as needed, as soft as wished. The massages you will enjoy in our Spa are driven by the long experience of your highly skilled team and of their gifted hands. They will bring you back on the path of inner peace and relaxation, revitalising your senses and let energy pour through your skin. All the ingredients to enjoy every day of your stay at the Wastlhof with heart and soul.

May we suggest that you request and order your personal appointment with our team some time before your stay with us. This not only ensures availability. It also leaves you more time to experience the thrill of anticipation.

These massages are intended to ease and stretch your muscular system. Tensions get dissipated, blood flow is endcouraged and your overall wellbeing gets enhanced.

Partial Massage

25 minutes | 36.- Euro

Full Body Massage

50 minutes | 59.- Euro

Sport-Massage (with a twist of extra power)

25 minutes | 39.- Euro
50 minutes | 64.- Euro

Aromatic oil Massage "4 Elements"


Fragrance: lightweighted, flowerish, with twists of spices
Effects: calmin, cooling, may reduce abundant energy


Fragrance: mediterranean, dry, edged
Effects: rebalancing emotions, adding spice and stability


Fragrance: mellow, tender
Effects: connects body and ground, re-establishes a stable spiritual balance


Fragrance: velvety, soft, seductive
Effects: empowers vital energies and lifts you up

50 minutes | 64.- Euro

Our Signature treatments

5,000 years ago the Chinese discovered the connections of different zones of our body and internal organs with spots on our feet and hands. Foot reflexology is based on lasting knowledge and experience to activate your self healing forces and to get the congested energies to flow again.

25 minutes | 39,– Euro
50 minutes | 64,– Euro

A longtime favorite of our guests – a combination of doot reflexology and back massage.

50 minutes | 64,– Euro

We have created an extra-strong massage oil out of a mixture of 37 essential herbal oils. Applied during your treatment it extends the effects of the massage in favour of a well nourished tissue and an optimized blood circulation.

25 minutes | 39,– Euro
50 minutes | 64,– Euro

Perfect follow-up for any activity: Overstrained parts of the muscular system get regenerated, blood flow is activated, nutrition of muscles is supported.

50 minutes | 64,– Euro

A soothing massage of face and head, to free your mind and your links to daily business loosened.

30 minutes | 42,– Euro

Feel the pain go, that your clenched and abridged muscles of your neck or shoulders cause.

30 minutes | 42,– Euro

Your feet and calves will yell a happy Yodler after this special treatment: We start with soaking your feet in a mixture of alpine herbs and seasalt, continue with a massage supported with oil of Alpine Arnica and add a fresh twist with small ice bullets on your skin.

30 minutes | 42,– Euro

Skilled hands will activate the drain of waste products away from the tissues. Side effects will calm and comfort you, reducing pain and giving strength.

25 minutes | 39,– Euro
50 minutes | 64,– Euro

…the cleansing and harmonizing of those parts of your body and feelings that are stressed and burdened. Smooth warmth and the easy crackling sound of a bonfire accompany the ceremony. It is said to be helpful against problems with ears and sinuses, stress and nervousness.

30 minutes | 42,– Euro
50 minutes | 64,– Euro inkluding a facial lymphatic drainage

Natural ingredients and essential oils make this heart- and bodywarming massage a delight for all your senses.

50 minutes | 64,– Euro

This massage is made for your back, bringing it back to live and making it feel strong again. Arnika oil activates the blood flow and brings all the energy back to live. Self-heating pads add this extra blessing to make your day.

30 minutes | 42,– Euro

Pine trees are native to our mountain region. Their fruit shares its healing powers with us for many generations. Get in touch with it to find relief from your stress or weather sensitivity. Positive effects on the cardiac system, the respiratory tract and your sleep are included.

25 minutes | 39,– Euro
50 minutes | 64,– Euro

Get your senses touched


We combine elements from different massage methodes into a well balanced ritual, individually tuned to your personality.

50 minutes | 69,– Euro

„Permanent Conture“ with herbal stamps

For your back or your full body this massage combines the soothing effects of a treatment with herbs, spices and warmth. Warming steam enhances the effects and releases the natural agents. Enjoy your freshly relaxed muscles and tissues, an activated metabolism and the drain of all balasts.

Back 25 minutes | 42,– Euro
Full body 50 minutes | 69,– Euro

Rose Garden

Hands and feet, shoulders and neck, face and head – they all are very sensitive on a touch. We make an art of it, an art with a heart. We are guided by the Queen of Flowers and her secret magic. Her paradisal fragrance, her heart opening powers, her love spending talent – they wipe away everything that makes our live strenuous. Therefore we use genuine, precious oil of roses for this massage. Natural almond essence is the neutral carrier which suits perfect to bringt the nature of the rose to you.

70 minutes | 82,– Euro

Stone Age

"I am from Austria" – warmed stone massage

Receive intense relaxing effects throgh warmed stones from the „Kundler Klamm“ in Austria. We ad a generous dose of pine essential oil to give you the extra mountain power

70 minutes | 92,– Euro

"Wia a wüds Wossa" (Like a rough water)

We selected some unique stones and rocks from our wild creeks, warm them up for you and use them in a special massage – combined with the thrilling effects of native herbal oils and cooling ice bullets. Enjoy an extreaordinary ritual!

70 minutes | 92,– Euro

From far away - Hot Stone Massage

The native Americans already used hot stones for her healings. Warmth flows thorugh the lava stones, supported by Yoon Chai Temple Oil to harmonize body, spirit an soul. The therapy helps to loosen tensions and to ease cramped parts of the body.

70 minutes | 92,– Euro

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