Wastlhof riding insructors

Horse-riding is a big part of what’s on offer at the Wastlhof. Of the many leisure activities available in the Wildschönau, time spent with horses is one of the most memorable experiences you can have: a ride out into the beautiful countryside gives you a chance to see things from a new angle.

It means a great deal to us. We want to share our love of horses with our guests. Good training is essential to ensure that this passion is enjoyed properly and to the full. The Wastlhof therefore only uses highly training personnel with the necessary abilities and the talent to pass them on to learners.

Riding instructor Reini

After completing his training at Ebbs foal farm and following several stays abroad at well-known stud farms in Germany and Austria, Reinhard has now “settled” here and is loved by students for his excellent teaching methods.

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