Discoveries from our wine cellar

To make to “holidays for your senses” perfect: Seal the impressions and thoughts of a great day with a bottle of wine or two. Our keeper of the cellar has collected a wide variety of Austrian and international wines to give you a choice to select the perfect harvest for your palate. Even if you want to continue your personal discoveries our wine list will lead you to new and interesting paths.

Our main focus are native wineries and their products. Austria has a rich history in winemaking and a promising culture of young winemasters creating unconventional tastes. They have proven to be “first choice” at international competitions as well as with the preferences of our guests in the hotel and in the restaurant. Outstanding personality and character sharpen the profiles of those wines, strength and complexity. That way the make the ideal companion for the creations of our chefs.

Please feel invited for talking to us about your wishes and ideas. We are happy to share with you the tastes and vintages we ourselves discovered for you at exhibitions and tastings. Join us on a “hiking tour” through a memorable winelist with many glorious outlooks. Cheerio!

The Wastlhof - famous holidays in the alps in Tirol


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