Deep relaxation, letting go of the stresses of everyday life, at the same time indulging your skin with various essences of your choice.

Orange vitality pack

Uplifting and invigorating on grey days, it’s simply good and refreshing. Very popular with its fragrance and pleasant lasting moisturising of the skin.

30 minutes | 42 euros

Lavender vitality pack

A calming and soothing body wrap with a marvellous fragrance. This care pack is good for body and soul.

30 minutes | 42 euros

Rose vitality pack

The queen of flowers opens up the soul and bestows beauty on all skin types. It harmonises, smooths, and firms particularly stressed skin.

30 minutes | 42 euros

Swiss Pine relaxation pack

Wonderfully aromatic and soothing, with a positive effect on joints and muscles. The scent of the Swiss pine is uniquely mild, mellow, warm, and long-lasting.

30 minutes | 42 euros

On a bed of hay - hay pack

Hay from selected herbs and Alpine flowers activates and vitalises, for a good mood and inner warmth.

30 minutes | 42 euros

Alpine pine

Pine needles aid peace and relaxation.

The body pack also promotes circulation and has a wonderful fragrance. You’ll notice the change in your skin immediately.

30 minutes | 42 euros

Beauty- And Vital Brochure

All information about our Spa progran is included in this brochure.

Have a look on the PDF version

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