The Wastlhof - presenting you the heart of Tyrolia

There are just a few places in the world with hospitality Tyrolean style. To open our doors to travellers, to invite them to our table, to offer them a place to have a rest and a good night’s sleep – that’s a living tradition at the place we call our home. This is, why we call you by your first name upon arrival already – making you a member of family. The sky and the mountains, the trees and the flowers, the nature surrounding us and the life we enjoy are a gift we are happy to share with you.

Become a part of the familiy

The „Wastlhof“ is home to our family for generations. We love, what we do here, and we love all of you coming here to share some lifetime with us. It’s our intention to let be this time more than hours and days. It should be – and we promise: it will be – an unique experience composed with friendship and joy. Our 4 star service is a promise: Let us convert your vacation in a lifetime memory with great adventures and little, loveable details. Go for it and meet your hosts, the Brunner family, to share the beauty of life with us.

Follow your wishes

This is a story of wellbeing as well. It may be a morning or an afternoon you spend in our Relax Garden with its luxurious outdoor pool reflecting the sky and the mountains. It may be a Sunday or a day in the sun you choose for a hiking tout, a ride on the bike or an excursion into the snow. It may be time all for yourself or time in a group of friends and familiy engulfing our beautiful landscape or the places for a quiet rest in our hotel. Whatever you decide for, you can be sure to enjoy unspoiled moments of pleasure and freedom.

Dive into your day

To make your days enjoyable and your stay perfect we have created an environment that sports vitality and re-energizing on a very individual way. We give you a choice, not a schedule. A cozy apartment in our Wastlhof or a stylish suite in our new Alpin Lodge? Pick the space you like. A hearty homemade breakfast or fine dining at night? Well, we make it easy for you and serve you both. A guided hike with your host Margit or a horseback ride along a mountain creek? You can do both or wave them „farewell“ and treat yourself at the pool or in the Spa. „Wellness“ and „wellbeing“ in the Wastlhof is not about us. It’s all about you.

^Feel the heartbeat of your horse

Talking about lifelong friendship at the Wastlhof always includes our horses. They are close members of what we call the „Wastlhof Family“. We love their spirit and their way to show affection. We enjoy their partnership while discovering the life along the trails through the mountain area of the Wildschönau. Their company makes the difference how we will look back to those moments and adventures we share with them.

Horse-People with or without family may combine their stay at the Wastlhof with a class or individual lessons to refresh their horseback skills – or to discover and exercise new ones. The experienced guides and trainers in our riding school will be happy to share their knowledge with you, whether you are a beginner or have spent half of your life in the saddle. Just let’s feel the heartbeat!

Good reasons to indulge yourself the Wastlhof

  • 4-star Wellness Hotel in the heart of theTyrolean Alps
  • Cozy atmosphere family style
  • Lush and comfortable rooms and suites
  • Relax- and Beauty Program with great variety
  • Manyfold opportunities to enjoy our Spa
  • Spectacular beauty of the mountain world
  • Great horse experience indoor and outdoor
  • Endless choices for outdoor or cultural activities
  • Extraordinary service through every team member
  • The happy faces of your fellow co-guests
  • The cheering up of your inner self.








At your service: our team

Every day of the year we call the Wastlhof our home. To make yourself comfortable there and to treat you with reliable comfort we trust into our team. They have strong links to our house and our family – and leave an incredibly charming imprint on the quality of our service to you.

Saving our community

Life and work find a safe and happy home at the Wastlhof. Everbody here enjoys a good life. That makes a grateful. Therefore we want to share this good life with others. For many years now we support The „Österreichischen Behindertensportverband“, the Austrian Sports Association for People with Disabilities. As a sponsor we want to stay side by side with those who master life with admirable strength and energy. Our intention is to make conditions better for health and mobility, to enhance quality of life and to prepare the path to sportive success nationally and internationally.

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