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Our doors – and our hearts – are open: at the Wastlhof, it’s the personal touch that counts. That’s what our grandfather Sebastian, who gave his name to the hotel and was known by all as “Wastl”, wanted. And that’s how we, the Brunner family, have kept it, so that you can indulge in the rest and relaxation you desire at our hotel in the Wildschönau valley. And remember us the next time you’re here. A holiday in Tyrol, in the heart of the Kitzbühel mountains and far away from the stresses of everyday life should be a time of pleasure every hour and every day. We do everything to make sure that’s exactly the way it is.

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growing up in Wildschoenau means growing up with the mountains. For all of us here, nature is a daily part of
life. Even though the Elements can sometime be a Little harsh, we couldn't imagine it any other way. Precisely the Feeling is what we aim to share with our guests. It doesn't take Long, and they all begin to experience this

what makes a holiday in Tyrol complete? The hours in whick the clock stops ticking, the days that have no date, the weeks where we glide through life free and relaxed. In the Wastlhof and the Wildschoenau, our senses find the balance to roam free, and awake with excitement about the new day to come.

When everything is in balance. When all disturbing influences dissapear. When we start to enjoy the simple things in life again. When the sun shines and the meadows blossom only for us. When we go to "our" room and sit at "our" table for dinner. When we wish that our holiday in the Wildschoenau would last forever. That's why the Wastlhof feels good.

The Brunner Family

Familie Brunner vom Wohlfühlhotel Wastlhof in Wildschönau Tirol

The Wastlhof - famous holidays in the alps in Tirol


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